BDK3, BDK10, BDK100
Accelerometers of high overload resistance with integrated electronics for dynamic measurement of vibration and acceleration in the frequency range 1Hz to several kHz



The dynamic accelerometers BDK3, BDK10, and BDK100 are capacitive spring-mass accelerometers with integrated sensor electronics. Resonant peaks are minimized by dynamic gas damping in the primary transformer.
The sensor electronics require only minimal power and are in conjunction with the capacitive primary transformer characterized by low error and high long-term stability.


The accelerometers BDK3, BDK10, and BDK100 are used for applications requiring high overload resistance, high long-term stability, small lower cut-off frequency, light weight and low power consumption. Typical applications include:

Technical Specifications

Type BDK3 BDK10 BDK100
Measuring range 3g (ca.30m/s2 10g (ca.100m/s2 100g (ca.1000m/s2
Resolution <10-3 <510-3 <510-2
Frequency range  1....300Hz 1....800Hz  1....1500Hz
Sensitivity at Ub = 5Volt  appr.150mV/g appr.60mV/g  appr.15mV/g
Temperature drift of sensitivity  <+610-2 % / K 
Temperature drift of zero point  <0.1mV/K 
Zero offset  (2.50.1)Volt - generally: 0.5Ub4% 
Output impedance approx. 100 Ohm
Linearity deviation <1% 
Transverse sensitivity <1%
Mechanical overload resistance in direction of measurement  approx.10 000g (appr.100 000m/s2) ! 
Nominal supply voltage (regulated)  UbN = 5Volt 
Permissible supply voltage range  Ubz=2V ... 16V 
Current drawn at Ub = 5V approx. 2mA 
Degree of protection IP65 
Operating temperature -40C ... +85C 
Storage temperature -45C ... +90C 
Weight in stainless steel housing with thread without cable approx. 17Gramm 
Weight in small housing without cable approx. 7Gramm
Standard electrical connection 3 highly flexible, color-coded wires 1mm length approx.18 cm (special lengths on request)
Alternative electrical connection for sensors in stainless steel housing  0.5m strong, flexible, shielded cable, 2 wires + shield, 2.1mm (special lengths on request) 

on request: Special design for very low power consumtion up to 30A

Dimensions (in mm) and Connections

Dimensions and Connections diagram

Attention! The supply voltage polarity must not be reversed.


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