NA2-05, NA2-10, NA3-30, NA4-45, NA4-70
  Inclinometers with integrated 0...5 Volt signal conditioner for inclination measurement
in the ranges of 5,  10,  30,  45,  70 degrees



The capacitive, dielectric liquid based inclinometers NA2-05, NA2-10, NA3-30, NA4-45 and NA4-70 contain new sensor electronics.  These are made up of a highly stable, laser-trimmed signal conditioner with electronic compensation for temperature drift, highly stable supply voltage regulation circuitry and low-pass filtering of the measurement signal to eliminate unwanted noise.

The capacitive measurement principle guarantees a very stable, linear relationship between the inclination being measured and the normalised output signal.

The sensor electronics require minimal power and, together with the capacitive primary transformer, are characterised by low errors, high signal-to-noise ratio and high long-term stability.

Contrary to measuring inclinations using accelerometers, this measurement principle enables a linear relationship between the inclination to be measured and the output signal, independent of the constant of gravity at the place of measurement, i.e. Independently of where the measurement is taking place, whether in Europe, Australia, on Mount Everest or the Moon.


The NA2, NA3 and NA4 can be used for measurements requiring small and light devices, replacability, measurement of relatively large inclinations and a normalised, analogue voltage output signal.

Measurements of inclinations in measuring instruments and inspection equipment, in water, land and air vehicles, in automation and safety technology, on cranes and lifting equipment, on robots, in the manufacture of scientific equipment, in medicine and telecommunication as well as navigation systems are typical examples.

Shared Technical Specifications

Supply voltage 1) 9V … 30V DC Dimensions see dimension drawing
Current drawn ca. 2mA Reference voltage output 3) 5,00 Volt
Externally regulated supply voltage 2) 5 Volt Temperature drift of the reference voltage < 25 ppm/K
Current drawn with external supply voltage 5V approx. 1mA Maximum current of the reference voltage output 5mA
Maximum Operating Temperature +85C Output resistance ca. 100 Ohm
Minimum Operating Temperature -40C Protection IP 65
Maximum Storage Temperature +90C Weight (Sensor excluding mounting ring and cable) 18,5 g
Minimum Storage Temperature -55C Enviroment Humiditi 0…100% r.F.
Signal-to-noise ratio at signal output (0…10kHz) <150Vss Electrical signal-to-noise ratio >85dB
Transverse sensitivity
at 45 tilt
<1% of measure-ment value Voltage Offset (at Cero degree tilt) 2,5 Volt
Settling time (to 98% of the actual value) <0,3 s Maximum output voltage range 0.05V ... 4.95V
Terminals 3 (4) highly flexible cables, ca.1mm, length 18cm
optionally: shielded cable 2,1mm


1) Standard supply voltage

2) optional externally regulated supply voltage

3) reference voltage output (+5,00 V) only optionally connected (for wire terminals only)

Each sensor will be delivered with individual calibration dates (offset, sensitivity) and calibration record.

Technical Specifications of types NA2-05 and NA2-10

Typ  NA2-05  NA2-10 
Measuring range 5degrees 10degrees 
Resolution <0,001degrees  <0,002degrees
Nominal sensitivity 400mV/degree 200mV/degree
Output voltage range 2,5V2V at 5 2,5V2V at 10
Linearity deviation over whole measurement range <0,02degrees <0,03degrees
sensitivity shift over a temperature range -25C...85C <2% <2%
Temperature drift of zero point 0,002degrees/Kelvin 0,002degrees/Kelvin

Technical Specifications of types NA3-30, NA4-45 and NA4-70

Typ  NA3-30  NA4-45  NA4-70
Measuring range 30degrees 45degrees  70degrees 
Resolution <0,005degrees <0,01degrees  <0,01degrees
Nominal sensitivity 66,6.. mV/degree 44,4.. mV/degree 28,57 mV/degree
Output voltage range 2,5V2V at 30 2,5V2V at 45 2,5V2V at 70
Linearity deviation over whole measurement range < 0,06 degrees < 0,14 degrees < 0,28 degrees
sensitivity shift over a temperature range -25C...85C <2% <2% <2%
Temperature drift of zero point 0,002deg/Kelvin 0,003deg/Kelvin 0,003deg/Kelvin

Dimensions and Connections


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