Filtering signal conditioner for sensor signal matching with an asymmetric 0...5V output voltage



The NV8a amplifies, filters and normalizes the output signals of SEIKA sensors. The asymmetric output signal enables unproblematic, subsequent signal processing with standard measuring equipment, such as oscilloscopes, transient recorders, A/D converters, multimeters, etc., operating with this asymmetric signal level.
The NV8a requires a non-stabilized supply voltage in the range of 9...30 Volt. The NV8a provides a highly stable 5V voltage with short circuit current limitation as a sensor supply voltage.
Multiple internal switching variants allow for optimal adaptation of signal processing parameters, such as settling time, filter cut-off frequencies and amplification and zero point adjustment, to the measuring task.


The NV8a has its application anywhere a SEIKA sensor is, without great expenditures and under optimal compatibility, to be connected to application specific measuring equipment and subsequent adjustment of amplification and zero position are necessary. The use of an asymmetric output voltage requires minimal electronics for further signal processing.

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage +9...+30 Volt (reverse polarity protected to -70Volt)
Current drawn excluding sensor approx. 5mA
Operating temperature -40°C ... +85°C
Internally generated sensor supply voltage 5.00 Volt
Temperature drift of sensor supply voltage 20ppm / Kelvin
Maximum output voltage range 0.05V ... 4.95V
Output signal range (2.5±2)Volt
Zero offset range 2.4V ... 2.6V (larger ranges, e.g. for B1 in Z direction on request)
Output impedance approx.100 Ohm
Signal-to-noise ratio 30µVs.s.
Signal-to-noise ratio with standard sensors approx. 80dB
Frequency range 0...10Hz, 0...200Hz, 0...2kHz, custom ranges on request
Electrical connections pin connector 2.54mm, lenght 5.7mm, Ų 0.63mm gold-plated
soldering pads optional

Dimensions (in mm)


Attention! Do not short circuit the supply voltage with the output.

No problem with GND - all at same potential, even in mulitaxial systems! The sensor supply voltage (5V, max. 5mA) can (because of the high accuracy) be used as reference voltage for subsequent electronics, e.g. OPV or ADC.


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