N2, N3, N4 
Small Inclinometers for inclination measurement in the ranges of ▒10, ▒30 and ▒70 degrees.



The N2, N3 and N4 are capacitive, liquid based inclinometers with integrated sensor electronics. They are manufactured with an analog DC output. The sensor electronics require only minimal power and are in conjunction with the capacitive primary transformer characterized by high accuracy, a high signal-to-noise ratio and high long-term stability.
The measurement technique enables a linear relationship between the angle to be measured and the output signal. The determined angle is independent of the local gravitational acceleration, that means that no matter where the measurement is being taken, whether in Europe, Australia, on Mount Everest or on the moon, the inclination will be measured correctly anywhere.


The inclinometers N2, N3 and N4 are suitable for applications requiring a small, light sensor for measurement of relatively large inclinations.
Typical areas of application include measuring instruments and inspection systems, vehicles, automation and safety engineering, scientific devices, medical and communications equipment as well as navigational systems.

Technical Specifications

Type N2 N3 N4 
Measuring range ▒10 degrees  ▒30 degrees  ▒70 degrees 
Resolution <0,002 degrees <0,005 degrees <0,01 degrees
Linearity deviation 0,2% of measuring range
Transverse sensitivity <1% at 30░ tilt
Settling time <0,3 seconds
Supply voltage Ub (regulated) 5 Volt
Permissible supply voltage range Ubz 3V ... 6V
Mechanical overload resistance 10 000 g (approx. 100 000 m/s2)
Current drawn at Ub = 5V  approx.1mA 
Degree of protection IP65 
Operating temperature -40░C ... +85░C
Lagertemperatur -45░C ... +90░C
Weight (in metal housing without cable)  18,5 grams 
Standard electrical connection  3 highly flexible, color-coded wires °1mm, length approx. 18 cm (special lengths on request) 
Alternative electrical connection  0,5m strong, flexible, shielded cable °2,1mm (special lengths on request)
3 flexible, color-coded wires with Teflon insulation for extended temperature range
Values for analog DC output at UbN = 5 Volt 
Sensitivity  approx. 12mV/degree  approx. 6mV/degree approx. 3.6mV/degree 
Temperature drift of sensitivity -0,17% / K -0,12% / K
Temperature drift of zero point <▒0,05mV/K <▒0,025mV/K
Zero offset at Ub=5V  (2,5▒0,1)Volt - generally: 0,5Ub▒4% 
Output impedance 10 kOhm

On request: PWM-output

Each sensor will be delivered with individual calibration dates (offset and sensitivity)

Dimensions (in mm) and Connections

Attention! The supply voltage must not exceed 6 Volt and the polarity must not be reversed.


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