Sensor box containing one NG360 inclinometer with RS485 interface



The SB360 is a pressure die cast aluminium sensor housing (IP65) with an integrated NG360 inclinometer for measuring uniaxial inclination.
In addition to the sensor, the box contains extensive EMC protection and RS485 terminator resistance that can be de- and reconnected via a soldering bridge.
The two compact metal cable guides and the small housing size in combination with the RS485 interface enable the use of this high quality measuring system as a chain inclinometer in harsh operating conditions. The implemented interface loops and available addresses enable the connection of up to 78 sensor boxes to one 4-wire bus (2 power supply wires, 2 data transfer lines).


The SB360 is suitable for applications requiring the measurement of any angle for further processing on a PC under harsh operating conditions.
Areas of successful implementation include construction, mining, agricultural machinery, transportation and conveyor systems, ships, operation and automation technology as well as general mechanical engineering.

Technical Specifications

Terminals 2pcs. 6 x 1,5 mm2
Cable fixing M12 x 1.5 cable gland, clamping range 6mm - 7.5mm
Measuring range, Resolution, etc. dependent on implemented SEIKA sensor
Degree of protection IP65
Measuring plane parallel to bottom of housing
Terminator resistance 100 Ohm
Operating temperature -40...85°C

Options: calibration record, silicon encapsulation, custom wiring

Dimensions (in mm)



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