(former denotation: SB2G)

Sensor box containing two NG inclinometers and two signal conditioners with 0...5V outputs and extensive temperature drift compensation



The SBG2U is a pressure die cast alumimium housing (IP65) with two integrated sensors of the NG-series for measuring inclinations along two axis.
In addition to the sensors, the box contains two signal conditioners with a 0 ... 5V output signal each and a highly stable supply voltage that can be used externally as a reference. Furthermore, the signal conditioner includes an active low pass filter, whose upper cut-off frequency / settling time can be adjusted to suit the measurement task, and noise voltage filters to guarantee the EMC. Interference signals caused by unwanted ground currents are eliminated by electrically isolating sensor and signal conditioner from the housing.
Unlike the SB2I, the SBG2U can accommodate larger sensors, such as the NG-series, that have a higher measuring accuracy. A special electronic temperature compensation system can significantly reduce the temperature sensitivity of the implemented sensor.
The compact PG cable gland and compact housing size enable the use of this high quality measuring system in harsh operating conditions.


The SBG2U is suitable for applications in harsh operating conditions requiring the measurement of inclinations along two axis and returning of a 0 ... 5V output signal, where there is enough space so as not to require the use of a smaller SB.. housing. Next to the areas of applications listed for the smaller SB.. casings, the SB2G is especially suited for precise measurements in the automotive temperature range, where small linearity deviations and temperature errors are paramount.

Technical Specifications

Terminals 6 x 1.5mm2
Cable fixing M12 x 1.5 cable gland clamping range 6 - 7.5 mm
Measuring range, Resolution, etc. dependent on the implemented sensor
Degree of protection IP65
Mounting orientation wall mounted
Supply voltage 9V ... 30V
Operating current approx. 12 mA
Normalized output voltage range 0.5V ... 4.5V
Output zero point 2.5Volt
Maximum output voltage range 0.05V ... 4.95V
Output impedance 100 Ohm
Capacitive output loading capacity any, taking dynamic requirements into account
Reference output voltage 5±0.005 Volt (max.0.5mA)
Adjustable variables zero (2.5V), amplification
Low pass filter active, 3rd order, minimal ripple
Operating temperature -40...+85°C

Options: special measuring ranges, calibration protocol, silicon encapsulation, custom wiring

Dimensions (in mm) and Connections

Attention! Do not short circuit the supply voltage with one of the outputs.


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