Sensor box containing one highly sensitive servo inclinometer and one signal conditioner with ±5V output



The SBS1U is a pressure die cast aluminium sensor housing (IP65) with an integrated sensor for highly sensitive, uniaxial acceleration or inclination measurements.
As well as the sensor, the housing contains a signal conditioner with 0...5V output and a separate, highly stable voltage supply. Furthermore, the signal conditioner includes active low pass filters for suppression of interference signals and transient suppression for EMC guarantee. Interference signals caused by unwanted ground currents are eliminated by electrically isolating sensor and signal conditioner from the housing. The terminals provide either two mutually inverse asymmetric 0...5V or one symmetrical ±5V output voltages.
The compact metal cable gland and small housing size in combination with the max.6-wire connection enable the use of this high quality measuring system in harsh operating conditions.


The SBS1U is suitable for applications requiring extremely precise inclination or acceleration measurements under harsh circumstances and returning of an analog signal output. Typical areas of successful application include stability monitoring of buildings and machinery and inclination monitoring on bridges, dams, towers, tunnels, slopes and structures in danger of collapse or earthquakes.

Technical Specifications

Terminals 6 x 1.5mm2
Cable fixing PG9, clamping range 6.5mm - 9.5mm
Measuring range max. ±1 degree , smaller ranges optional
Resolution 0.01 arc seconds = 48µm/km!
Degree of protection IP65
Mounting orientation see drawing
Supply voltage optional 12Volt oder 24Volt (±10%)
Operating current max. 100mA
Normalized asymmetric output voltage range (GND -> Ua+) 0.5V ... 4.5V
Normalized asymmetric output voltage range (GND -> Ua-) 4.5V ... 0.5V
Normalized symmetric output voltage range (Ua- -> Ua+) -4V ... 4V
Asymmetric zero output voltage (GND -> Ua+) 2.5Volt
Asymmetric zero output voltage (GND -> Ua-) 2.5Volt
Symmetric zero output voltage (Ua- -> Ua+) 0 Volt
Output impedance approx. 100 Ohm
Recommended cable see drawing
Cable length taking voltage drop due to the operating current into account any (e.g. 500m for 12V or 1km for 15V voltage supply and using the recommended or equivalent cable)
Capacitive output loading capacity any
Resistive output loading capacity greater than 100 kOhm
Output driver operational amplifier TLC2274
Adjustable variable amplification
Signal rise time (to 98% of step input) approx. 2 seconds
Step input response PT2
Operating temperature -40°C ... +85°C
Mechanical angle adjustment range ±2°(angle)

Options: special measuring ranges, calibration record, partial silicon encapsulation, custom wiring

Dimensions (in mm) and Connections

Cable connections

Recommended cable: LIYY-LIYCY 4x0.5/56 (by Metrofunk Berlin)


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