RS232 / RS485 interface converter for connection of SEIKA sensors with RS485 interface to RS232 port of a computer



The interface converter consists of an aluminium housing with a PCB, a 9-channel SubD port for the RS232 bus, a 4-channel clamp for the RS485 bus, a plug for the external 12V supply voltage, two LEDs for monitoring system operation, the bus voltage level and termination resistances and the interface electronics with voltage level converters and transmission line drivers and receivers.


The interface converter connects any SEIKA sensor with RS485 data output interface to the RS232 port of a computer.

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage 12Volt ± 3Volt
Current drawn approx.30mA + current drawn by sensors
RS485 terminals 4 x 1.5mm2
RS232 port DSub9 socket
RS485 Bus half duplex
Terminator resistance 100 Ohm, can be disengaged by solder bridge
ESD protection on RS485 bus ±15kV (Human Body Model)
Participants on single bus max. 128
Data transfer rate max. 250kbps

Connection to SEIKA-RS232/485 converter SC485B

Dimensions (in mm)


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