Sensor cube for multiaxial arrangement of SEIKA accelerometers and/or SEIKA inclinometers


The SW3 can accommodate SEIKA sensors for measurements in up to three directions. The SEIKA inclinometers N3, N4, NB3 and all SEIKA accelerometers can be integrated in any combination according to customer's specifications.


The interface converter connects any SEIKA sensor with RS485 data output interface to the RS232 port of a computer.

Technical Specifications

Material nickel-plated brass
Weight excluding sensors 78 grams
Weight including sensors approx. 145 grams
Electrical connection cable or single wires as required

Dimensions (in mm)

Attention! When ordering, please indicate insulated (in combination with the NV6a) or non-insulated sensor assembly (in combination with the NV4a and NV8a)


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